£100K + income desired? The Change event will take you there.

This is a monthly event for a maximum of 12 delegates. It is run by Mark Hobbs the author of the 12 Part Goal Matrix ? (12PGM) The event will re-motivate you, inspire you and help you to find your major definite purpose in the 3 key areas of your life: Business, Family and personal development.

The event will ask you to question exactly what it is you really want out of life. We will focus on the 12 part goal matrix and the processes involved in you constructing your own 12PGM. Making conscious decisions in relation to your future is the pre-requisite for success. The event teaches us that in life we do not have to compete we simply need to create.

We will also discuss the opportunity to build your own business within the financial services sector. This involves the famous Stepping Stones? programme a 3 year training programme that will academically take you to degree level and from a practical perspective have you achieving the £100K turnover figure guaranteed – all you need to do is follow the system. If you desire success in life – book your place on the next available Change Event.