Hi Mark.

I'm sure you will get lots of positive comments but I would like to share mine with you - I use the 12pgm to focus on what I really want to achieve.

Once I have written it down it is almost a challenge to myself and I have to do it! Especially if you are also viewing it! The forum is an excellent area to come to for support and motivation and to see what success other members are having.

Once you start looking it is almost like a drug - I have been here every day for last 5 days now! Looking forward to the new changes this year, it will be good to drag and drop goals around the matrix.

Thanks Cheryl Warner.

I must say that before I met Mark and became a member of 12pgm, I was on the verge of giving up my business. I had very little belief in myself or my ability and had almost convinced myself that i was kidding myself if I ever thought i could achieve my goals.

But that was then, in the last 6 months (yes I said 6 months) as that is all it has taken, I have found my belief and as a result I have gone from doing no business to doing regular business. I have moved from working at home to a small one person office, and now ahead of target I am moving into a larger office in which I can expand, and become an employer.

And this is just the beginning, Onwards and Upwards. Thanks to New Leaf and especially Mark, I now have a positive outlook in which I intend to have a very successful future.

Dee Roberts

After meeting Mark and the rest of his team in September 2006, I have completely transformed my career.

After passing CeMap and leaving full time A Level teaching, I started out as a mortgage broker and have progressed to protection and through the CeFA programme to Intrinsic as a Financial Planner. New Leaf stepped in again to provide the academic training for the Diploma in Financial Advice required by all financial advisers going forward.

Now I am moving to Intrinsic Wealth Management as an IFA - all of this in the space of three years!

I would like to thank the whole team for their assistance over the last three years, but in particular Mark Hobbs and John Band.. Mark for his enthusiasm, training, and for laying down the gauntlet to move to the next level. John, for the excellence of his training and superb all round knowledge - you are second to none. I definitely recommend New Leaf as an excellent training and development platform, which will allow you to achieve your full potential

Jamie Buffin

We have noticed a large increase in activity levels directly related to a huge increase of time spent on the phone. I immediately put a diary system in place similar to the one recommended & it has had an instant & positive effect. I have limited my compliance & admin time to a Monday so please accept my apologies for the delay in receiving this response to your original email.

Attending your course has had a huge effect on my business. My business partner & I have made large, wholesale changes to our goals, business model, target markets, staff & processes. Because of these changes (many of which have happened already), the business plan is a work in progress as we re-assess & re-build our business whilst hitting the monthly targets that have already been set.

I expect to have the business plan completed by the start of next week & it looks very different from the plan we had before the Gateway course!!!

Planning for success has always been a strength of mine & I had a very good plan written before attending Gateway. If anything, I have sometimes been guilty of over planning & I have used this as a form of procrastination!!! This became clear to me during the course which helped remind me of the basic business principles which have brought me success in the past. (Spending more time on the phone is just one example). Because of this, I will only allow myself to work on the Business plan in my leisure time & not during working hours. I hope to have the plan completed next weekend.

I will be in touch on Monday next week to give you an update. Thank you for your continued support.......
Jamie Buffin


Thank you for sending the business plan template and powerpoint slides. Just wanted to say that the Gateway course last week was fantastic, I got so much from it. Your enthusiasm and positive outlook was very contagious and I am really excited about taking things forward for my business.

The big difference for me was that the course not only highlighted areas that I need to focus on and where I need to make changes, but it also gave me the tools I need to start working on making these changes immediately.

I’ll be working on my business plan as a priority over the next few weeks and my first goal will be to reorganise my working week and set some boundaries around where and when I am available for meetings and for taking phone calls and answering emails etc. No more Cinzano Bianco!

Look forward to working with you to get my plan in place and make the changes I need to make to get my business up to where I want it to be.

Many thanks for your time and feedback
Kind regards

Nazim Choudhury BSc (Hons), CeMAP

Dear Mark,
I hope you are well and had a good weekend.

I would like to thank you for arranging the Gateway course with Bob Spence in Manchester last week. I found it immensely helpful and highly motivational. Bob's effervescent personality shone throughout the two days. Having come into the industry with numerous ideas I sense that a person of his stature and experience will provide invaluable guidance on how to turn those ideas into a reality. Over the next couple of weeks I intend on submitting my business plan to him and do hope he remains a regular contact for the foreseeable future. Kind Regards,
Nazim Choudhury BSc (Hons), CeMAP


A massive thank you for a wonderful course, genuinely the best I have been on in the last 25 years. I would appreciate if you could send me a copy of the widows pack, and look forward to working with you in future. Regards, Jeremy

Ash Saujani

It was great to see both you and Mark on the last Change Event. Mark delivered a very inspiring presentation that day which I found thought provoking, entertaining and engaging. By the end of afternoon he had coached everyone of us in the room to create a set of powerful goals enabling us to kick start our own plan to create a successful future using the 12 Part Goal Matrix. I left that day feeling charged, ready to take the next step and for that I wanted to say thank you.

From the first time that I spoke with yourself and Mark through to passing both my CeMAP and CeFA with distinction and merit first time under the excellent tutorage of Alex and John, I must admit that I'm a firm believer in the New Leaf way, you're a corporation but a family first.

As you may be aware I am in the second year of my Mathematics degree with the Open University and working during the the day, so having the professional support of New Leaf's training system made a lot of difference in my approach to the studies and gave me the additional confidence to get through the exams first time.

Since Mark's 'Change Event' I've been able to focus and determine a set of exciting goals that drive me for the year ahead. These include obtaining my DipFA, passing all my Mathematics assessments plus final exam and setting up a profitable Mortgage & Financial Advisory business servicing the needs of my local community. I know that none of this would mean anything without my family and so I'm also grateful to have been able to find ways that I can make this fun for them too, so that we can all enjoy and benefit from this journey.

Once again I want to say thank you to all the New Leaf family and wish you all the very best in continuing to successfully grow the business. I hope that people continue to benefit from the excellent service that you give for years to come.

Warmest regards Ash Saujani

Duncan Hodgson


Having used your training services a few years ago for Cemap, you were my first thought when it came to undertaking the Cefa exams this year and once again I have been more than delighted with every bit of my dealing with your team. Having started the process in around March this year, on Monday just gone I passed Cefa 4 with a distinction and there is no question in my mind that without your team it would have been significantly harder!!

The office team have been efficient, more than polite and ensured that I always knew where I needed to be and when. My fullest thanks also have to go to John, as always his knowledge, presentation and enthusiasm on the course was fantastic and he is a credit to you.

With the ongoing changes to the industry not to mention the potential impact of RDR, I have no doubt I will be back in touch.

Kind regards,
Duncan Hodgson
Mortgage Planner
Lifetime Wealth Management Ltd

Hi Mark

I am writing on behalf of the church and the Youth to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitide for taking time off your busy schedule to be with us on Good Friday. The feedback I have received is very positve and some of them are looking forward to the mentoring programme. I will discuss dates and times with you tomorrow.

I also would like to remind you of the Financial Awareness Day (Change Event) in Woolich tomorrow 16/04/09 from Midday. Please let me know if there is anything you would need.

Sylvester Cobbold, CeMAP


Dear Mark Thank You so much for the superb Gateway Course last week with Bob Spence.
I learned many valuable ideas during this course to use in the whole process of being a Financial Advisor from start to finish including valuable prospecting and marketing tips, excellent script suggestions and how to build a real business plan.

I thought Bob's delivery, ingeniously crammed into only two days and spontaneously tailor-made to the needs of the group, was very dynamic, humourous and passionate.

The many anecdotes and stories of true life experiences shared by this intelligent, articulate and genuine man were very informative and inspirational.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone regardless of their experience in the industry but especially to new Advisors or Brokers as it provides an excellent framework around which to work.

I hope to put into place Bob's strategies and techniques, and I am sure that if I follow these diligently and combine them with the innovative Business Models and advice that you have so brilliantly established at New Leaf, that they will help me to build a successful business.
Best Regards

Tracey Hoad

Dear John I must thank you for your excellent teaching on the CeER course yesterday. I am very pleased I attended and can remember all you spoke about. Once I have the formulas firmly implanted in my head for pension credit, savings credit and council tax benefit I will book my exam, and hopefully pass first time. I look forward to meeting you again when I attend other courses.

Kind Regards

Tracey Hoad